Wholesaling Contract 3-Pack

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All contracts have been vetted by an attorney. I use all of them in my own business to close deals and make money. Real Estate attorneys charge as much as $350 per hour, so these documents – already vetted and ready to go – will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.

- Brad from EZ Wholesaling

Here’s what you get for just $97 ($1497 Value!):

  1. Residential Real Estate Sales Contract 
    4 page document, in easy to use format
  2. Assignment Contract 
    Simple document that makes it easy for you to sell your sales contract to CASH BUYERS
  3. Joint Venture (JV) Contract - OUR MOST POPULAR CONTRACT 
    Protect your interests when you partner with other investors. Do more deals and make more money!

BONUS FREE ITEM: Comprehensive Property Inspection Checklist – make accurate repair estimates on a property, so that you can make the best deal possible and INCREASE YOUR PROFITS.


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DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney. State laws vary, so please have an attorney in your state review the documents before using. Dwin Property Group, LLC is not liable for any illegal use of the documents for sale, should they not comply with the laws of your state in their current form.